Northeast LA Supper Club

Dinner December 12


Join Comadres for our winter Supper Club Dinner — Saturday, December 12. Cocktails and entertainment start at 7 pm. Family-style dinner served promptly at 8 pm.

December Menu

Romeritos Snowball w/Naranja y Grapefruit – Orange and Douglas Fir sorbet with vodka, grapefruit and lime juice

• Fresh-made Tortilla Chips with Pomegranate Guacamole
• 3-Cheese Chile con Queso with Roasted Chiles and Spices
• Mussels Chipotle with Crusty Bollilos
• Variety of Vegetarian and Meat Tamales
• Persimmon and Chayote Salad on Butter Lettuce with Cotija Cheese, Pecans, and Grapefruit Cilantro Dressing
• Refried Pulled Pork Rib Meat with Chile Colorado on Albert’s Spanish Rice
• Chiles in Nogada – Poblano chiles stuffed with turkey picadillo (raisins, dried apricot, pine nuts, apples, potato and chard) and topped with walnut sauce

Flan de Rompope (Eggnog)
Coconut-stuffed Limes

Wine pairing option by Jojo Sweiven, host of Fast and Cheap Wine Tastings. Musical guest is vocalist Christine Rosander. See Christine sing here and here.

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